Nursing knowledge comes from the legacy that nursing, as a science that is directed towards the care of the people, is giving to the good of humanity. It is the result of centuries of accumulated experiences by nurses, while being caregivers in all of the places and ambiences where there is human presence, which is synthesized by the richness of their thoughts and investigative processes.

However, there is an alarming tendency to dismiss the knowledge created by nurses, minimizing their social function and their capabilities of producing direct benefits in the everyday world. Sometimes it is the healthcare systems that relegate the duties of a nurse to positions of lower classes; other times it is the politics of managing knowledge, instrumented by hegemonic sectors of science, which exclude applied knowledge and the media, interrupting or alternating the natural processes of production, dissemination, and intake.

To improve the current situation a group of clinical nurses, academics, managers, researchers, and editors come together for a reunion in the city of Granada (Spain) on November 16, 2012 in the Foro I+E (Foro Internacional sobre Investigación y Educación Superior en Enfermería). Derived from the same group known as DEGRA, this stands for Declaración de Granada sobre el Conocimiento Enfermero, who collects the recommendations that we invite to subscribe from a personal and institutional plane.

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